Rose Flowers

  • 曾華倩 Tang Hoa Thien - Nostalgic beauty

    In the Hong Kong entertainment industry, beautiful people have many unforgettable faces. Tang Hoa Thien used to be the first-class flower at TVB. Hoa Thien's facial features are extremely delicate, whether it's long hair or short hair, curly or straight hair, light makeup or heavy makeup, in any outfit, she completely has it. can keep the outstanding aura of a real beauty. Hoa Thien's eyes are very special, deep, melancholy and blurry, making people feel unable to grasp and want to take good care of her.

  • 黎美嫻 Le My Nhan - The first beauty in 80s ancient fashion

    Le My Nhan Kitty Lai (黎美嫻) - truly as the name suggests, elegant elegance, unique temperament, when she wears an extremely elegant and serene costume. Mi category has something melancholy.

Hong Kong Actor

黎漢持 - The late actor Le Han Tri

(Reading time: 4 - 8 minutes)

If anyone has ever seen the TV series "Da Hiep Hoac Nguyen Giap" in 1981. Surely it will be impossible to forget the character Long Hai Sinh who has a handsome appearance, extraordinary temperament, looks like a gentleman. exhibition but is actually a traitor, selling out his friends played by Le Han Tri.

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- Vuong Duy Duc

(Reading time: 4 - 7 minutes)

TVB's Son Dau Culture is often criticized but has existed for a very long time, the strategists fight fiercely without a moment's rest. And the one who "pays" for this is the artist below, many artists do not have the opportunity to "top" no matter how good their acting and visual skills are. After so many years of dedication, they have no choice but to leave the "nest". And Vuong Duy Duc is one of them - who plays "Thien Ly Nhan" in Phong Than Bang.

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郭政鴻 Quach Chinh Hong - Being remembered by the audience is also a kind of happiness

(Reading time: 4 - 8 minutes)

Today I will introduce to you a Hong Kong actor who has countless classic looks. Made more than 70 dramas for TVB. Although most of them are supporting roles, the character he portrays is always remembered by everyone. He didn't capture the main character's aura, but he was there, naturally shining.

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Hong Kong Actress

羅慧娟 Jacqueline - The late actress La Hue Quyen

(Reading time: 9 - 17 minutes)

羅慧娟 Jacqueline Law - La Hue Quyen was born on October 10, 10 in British Hong Kong. Origin Hai Phong, Guangdong. La Hue Quyen grew up in a basic family, people often call her: Sister Quyen (娟妹). Her family consists of her parents and brother.

La Hue Quyen graduated from Duc Trinh Girls High School (德貞女子中學). She is a cute, lively and cheerful girl

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- Thai Xiaoyi

(Reading time: 5 - 10 minutes)

ATV also had a glorious time, as a TV station that ran alongside TVB. At its peak, ATV also trained many stars and amateurs. Thai Hieu Nghi is one of them, she used to be nicknamed "Tieu Ly Gia Han" because her face is very similar to Miss Hong Kong in 1988. Thai Hieu Nghi and ATV experienced the peak moment, and the final ending. It's like ATV, like a shooting star that flashes across the sky and then goes out.

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鍾楚红 Chung So Hong - Diem Quang Four Rays

(Reading time: 7 - 13 minutes)

Writer Truong Ai Linh (張愛玲) once wrote: "Perhaps every man has had two such women, at least two. White rose - The holy wife and red rose - The passionate lover complain".

And there is a woman who combines the holiness of a white rose with the passion of a red rose. Weak but independent, charming but pure.

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