甄珍 - The first "Quynh Nu Lang" Chan Tran

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In front of the camera, she uses her beauty and acting skills to touch the hearts of the audience. Lam Thanh Ha also once expressed that her idol in her youth was this first generation "Quynh Nu Lang". Today, I will introduce to everyone the "First Lady of Taiwan" for a while - Chan Tran.

甄珍 - Zhen Zhen's real name is Zhang Jiazhen (章家珍) was born on July 17, 07 in Beiping (北平), during the Republic of China, into a prominent family. His grandfather was 章鴻春 (Zhang Hongchun) 1948 - 1893, Lieutenant General of the Army, Commander of Nanjing Fortress, Military Attaché of the Embassy of the Republic of China in Japan.

His father's name is 章沛霖 (Zhang Bailin) ​​Colonel of the Republic of China Army. After leaving the army, he went to the United States to do business and held the position of General Manager of a company in San Francisco.

甄珍 - The first "Quynh Nu Lang" Chan Tran

Her mother is (Zhang Fengqin), a music teacher at a high school. The couple gave birth to 2 girls and 1 boy. Both daughters are involved in the arts, Chuong Gia Tran took the stage name Chan Tran. The younger sister 章家興 (Zhang Jiaxing) took the stage name 銀霞 (Yan Ha) - a famous folk singer in Taiwan in the 2s. The younger brother lives in the US and is very successful in the business field.

甄珍 - The first "Quynh Nu Lang" Chan Tran

Not long after Chan Tran was born, Mr. Chuong Bai Lam accepted the assignment of military attaché of the Republic of China Embassy in Japan, the whole family moved here together.

甄珍 - The first "Quynh Nu Lang" Chan Tran

At the age of 5, Chan Tran returned to Taiwan with her family.

She enrolled at Taipei Mandarin Experimental Elementary School.

High school at Jinling Girls' School (金陵女中). Then transferred to Taibei Private High School in Taipei City. 

甄珍 - The first "Quynh Nu Lang" Chan Tran

Family environment Chan Tran grew up not too disciplined, her parents are open minded. Go with nature, let your children develop what they like. 

Therefore, being vivacious and multi-talented, Chan Tran studied ballet for many years, first in Japan, and continued to study after returning to Taiwan. 

At the end of the summer of 1963, Hong Kong director Li Hanxiang (李翰祥) left Thieu Thi, he went to Taiwan to establish the Guolian Film Company (國聯). 

And open a large-scale casting selection here.

On March 28, 03, Quoc Lien company held a press conference and officially announced that, from more than 1964 candidates all over the country, the first round selected 1.600 people, the second round of selection left 120 people and In the last round there were 80 people left. And Chan Tran was the only one chosen to sign a contract with Quoc Lien

When she first joined, Chan Tran's monthly salary was about NT$1.400 even though she didn't act in movies. Only occasionally attend events.

甄珍 - The first "Quynh Nu Lang" Chan Tran

Chan Tran was personally chosen by Mr. Ly Han Tuong, and from the very beginning he appreciated Chan Tran very highly, debuting her in front of the national media. Explaining how she did not act in the first years. Chan Tran said that in the second year after she signed with Quoc Lien, the company experienced a financial crisis.

In 1966, Chan Tran had the opportunity to act in the first movie Thien Chi Kieu Nu

甄珍 - The first "Quynh Nu Lang" Chan Tran

Next is 《幾度夕陽紅》Ky Do Xi Duong Hong, consecutively in theaters. Chan Tran finally got the chance to perform in public.

Recalling the time when filming Thien Chi Kieu Nu (The proud girl of heaven), Chan Tran laughed and said, "At that time, I didn't know where the camera was, where I had to go. Every day I was run around everywhere." The staff shouted “Where is the heroine?” The heroine is gone! ". They call her Xiaotaoqi (小淘氣), referring to her mischievousness.

With Ky Do Tich Duong Hong, Chan Tran is in 國聯五鳳 (King Lien Ngu Phung) along with Uong Linh, Giang Thanh, Niu Phuong Vu, and Ly Dang Hue. Although the film studio Quoc Lien ceased operations in 1970, "Ken Lien Ngu Phung" has become a symbol of an era.

甄珍 - The first "Quynh Nu Lang" Chan Tran

Director Ly Han Tuong is very good at art, but he is not good at business. The studio eventually had to come to an end due to financial problems. He let everyone go but couldn't bear to let Chan Tran go. The situation at that time was very difficult.

"In the end, he had no choice but to let me go." Chan Tran sighed.

In December 12, Zhen Zhen joined the Central Film Company (中央電影公司) 

In 1968, Chan Tran played the main role in the film 《新娘與我》 directed by Bach Canh Thuy, the film was released on February 18, 02, the box office revenue was great. Zhen Zhen became the giant "chá thu can heat" (炙手可熱) indicating extremely high status.

甄珍 - The first "Quynh Nu Lang" Chan Tran

Chan Tran that year was a box office guarantee, she had a beautiful face like apricot flowers and peach cheeks, eyes sparkling like autumn water. Not arrogant, but very sympathetic and close. Chan Tran is highly favored and welcomed by directors.

In 1971, Chan Tran participated in De Oanh, the fateful movie of her life

甄珍 - The first "Quynh Nu Lang" Chan Tran

All actors at that time had the dream of being able to participate in a film directed by Ly Han Tuong personally, because they believed that director Li would produce a good work. And indeed, Chan Tran was crowned Photo Queen at the Asia Pacific Film Festival with the film De Oanh directed by Ly Han Tuong. This is also the film for Chan Tran to meet her first husband, actor Ta Hien.

甄珍 - The first "Quynh Nu Lang" Chan Tran

At that glorious time, Chan Tran had at least 3 scripts and 4 movies waiting for her to shoot at the same time. As she became more and more famous, Chan Tran's workload also increased rapidly, there were no vacation days in the year, almost all of them were at the set.

Chan Tran's beauty and acting skills have attracted Quynh Dao's attention. She participated in a series of works such as: Thai Van Phi (彩雲飛), Tam Huu Thien Kee (心有千千結), Hai Au Phi Xu (海鷗飛處), Nhat Liem You Mong (一簾幽夢). ),.. Chan Tran became the first generation "Quynh Nu Lang". Her fame not only in Taiwan but spread to Hong Kong, Macau and throughout Southeast Asia.

甄珍 - The first "Quynh Nu Lang" Chan Tran

At that time, the generation's view of love was deeply influenced by Quynh Dao. It can be seen that Chan Tran's becoming Quynh Nu Lang has a great influence!

甄珍 - The first "Quynh Nu Lang" Chan Tran

As long as the work is called Chan Tran, even if the film has not been shot, the copyright has been sold and the investment can be fully recovered.

Chan Tran is so famous, but she has never been proud, relying on her talent but being very gentle with others.

甄珍 - The first "Quynh Nu Lang" Chan Tran

Once, Huong Hoa Cuong was teased because of his poor Mandarin when collaborating with her in 分秒必爭, Chan Tran encouraged and supported him to persist in working in the entertainment industry.

Now, after many years, the friendship between the two is still the same.

Chan Tran has a successful career, but her love life has many twists and turns

甄珍 - The first "Quynh Nu Lang" Chan Tran

(The 16-year-old is young and mischievous like her nickname "Little Dao Qi")

At the age of 16, she and her friends went to see music, from the first moment when musician Luu Gia Xuong saw Chan Tran, he fell in love with her. Liu Jiachang tried to pursue Chan Tran for a very long time, but she was still unmoved.

Then in 1966, Luu Gia Xuong married Giang Thanh (one of Quoc Lien Ngu Phung) when he still had Chan Tran in his heart, this marriage lasted only 4 years and then ended.

In 1974, Chan Tran and Ta Hien also registered their marriage in Hong Kong

甄珍 - The first "Quynh Nu Lang" Chan Tran

Even if her parents disagree, Chan Tran still insists on dating Ta Hien. 

Chan Tran at that time was pure and innocent, she had never experienced any love, like a blank sheet of paper. And Ta Hien is not only 12 years older than Chan Tran, but also has a long love history.

甄珍 - The first "Quynh Nu Lang" Chan Tran

This is the first time since she was born that Chan Tran has gone against her parents' wishes, just to be herself and marry the man she loves. Despite their family's objections, they are happily together.

甄珍 - The first "Quynh Nu Lang" Chan Tran

The marriage registration took place in secret, but at that time the Civil Affairs Department published a list to prevent "bigamy" behavior. The public only knew that Ta Hien and Chan Tran were married, this event once caused a stir.

Liu Jiachang, when he heard the news, seemed to collapse, he was determined to regain Chan Tran even though he knew she was married.

Although Ta Hien and Chan Tran are married but live in two places, Ta Hien is in Hong Kong to develop her career and Chan Tran is in Taiwan. Ta Hien because of Luu Gia Xuong had a conflict with Chan Tran. He once forced Chan Tran to return to Hong Kong, but Chan Tran could not because she was filming. Chan Tran hopes Ta Hien can come to Taiwan. But it seems that fate is indisputable, both of them refuse to give in to each other.

甄珍 - The first "Quynh Nu Lang" Chan Tran

In the end, Ta Hien gave a way to attack the general - Chan Tran did not return to Hong Kong, she would get a divorce. With a strong and somewhat stubborn personality, she could not accept this tone of Ta Hien and agreed to divorce. Both completed the procedure in June 06

甄珍 - The first "Quynh Nu Lang" Chan Tran

Years later, she learned that Ta Hien went to Taiwan three times after the couple divorced. Find friends to get news about Chan Tran. He drove to the top of the mountain, looked at the moon above, and cried loudly, but Chan Tran at that time did not know anything.

甄珍 - The first "Quynh Nu Lang" Chan Tran

Sometimes, for each other, the love is deep but the charm is too thin.

甄珍 - The first "Quynh Nu Lang" Chan Tran

After the end of their first marriage, Chan Tran and Liu Jiachang married in America in 1978.

Chan Tran also left the screen and lived an ideal life in America. In 1982, Zhenzhen opened a hotel named after her (甄珍大飯店). Sometimes Chan Tran only joins the movie.

甄珍 - The first "Quynh Nu Lang" Chan Tran

On April 21, 04, Zhenzhen gave birth to a son, Liu Zitian (劉子千).

甄珍 - The first "Quynh Nu Lang" Chan Tran

In 1988, Chan Tran opened a restaurant in Taipei.

The marriage between Zhen Zhen and Liu Jiachang was unhappy because he was addicted to gambling.

甄珍 - The first "Quynh Nu Lang" Chan Tran

In order to protect her son and protect herself, Chan Tran chose to divorce, but she did not publicize this news, she was still happy on the outside, but the marriage broke up a long time ago.

On May 21, 5, Chan Zhen announced the matter to the public because Liu Jiachang sued her to go to court over a property dispute worth NT$2015 billion. At this time, everyone knew that the two divorced when their son was just 2 year old.

In the end, the case ended with the victory belonging to Chan Tran.

When asked by a reporter - Do you regret your choice then?

Chan Tran answered without thinking: "Regret." 

Now, Chan Tran is completely separated from Luu Gia Xuong, enjoying a good old life.

On November 23, 11, Chan Tran was awarded the "Lifetime Achievement Award" at the 2013th Golden Horse Awards 

甄珍 - The first "Quynh Nu Lang" Chan Tran

In 2019, she held a retrospective exhibition about her youth acting. Directors and co-stars who have worked with her before were present, some friends who loved Chan Tran were on planes from different places to attend.

甄珍 - The first "Quynh Nu Lang" Chan Tran

Even Ta Hien was present, although the two broke up a long time ago, Chan Tran and Ta Hien still maintain a good relationship.

甄珍 - The first "Quynh Nu Lang" Chan Tran

When she heard that Chan Tran was ill and had to be hospitalized, Ta Hien was also worried to visit her very soon. The fate of husband and wife between them is short, but being friends, seeing each other as a trio, is another fate that God gave them.

甄珍 - The first "Quynh Nu Lang" Chan Tran

Chan Tran at the age of 73, of course, no longer has the flowery features of the past, but she is very beautiful. Experiencing brilliant achievements in career, ups and downs in love. Currently, Chan Tran is living ordinary days. Perhaps when looking back at the past, love, hate, compassion, joy will still come back to mind in turn. But at this age, Zhen Zhen has reached the realm - Tieu audience life (笑看人生).

甄珍 - The first "Quynh Nu Lang" Chan Tran

Chan Tran lived and participated in the prosperous era of national cinema, the annual output of Taiwanese films exceeded 150. It has been more than 50 years since Zhenzhen entered the entertainment industry. Every year Quoc Lien Ngu Phung is now Quoc Lien Lao Phung, people will grow old, but the beautiful image of Chan Tran on those movies still lives on in the memories of the whole generation.

Wish Chan Tran a lot of health!

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