Ten Great Beauties - Kim Dung martial arts novel

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Kim Dung's martial arts novels have long become classics. In these works, they not only depict many male protagonists with different types of martial arts, but also depict countless beautiful beauties. Let's take a look at the excellent Ten Great Goddesses under his pen.

1. Princess Perfume

She has a more beautiful appearance than people, she is extremely beautiful, pure divinity, gentle and kind, her skin is white, her eyes are as bright as the moon and clear as water.

"The morning sun just appeared, the woman in white walked slowly in the sun. Tens of thousands of Qing military officers looked at her in amazement. The heart fluttered violently, all were immersed in the world's beauty. Weapons were raised to prepare for a bloody battle when suddenly everyone fell into a coma. The spear in the hand of a soldier fell to the ground, then countless other spears fell, bows and arrows. was also recorded. Silently watching her back disappear."

"Sitting next to her, I felt the faint scent emanating. Not the scent of snow lotus, or any flower scent in this world. I felt very serene, modest, indescribably sweet."

"Tran Gia Lac's love is not an ordinary woman, but it is the flower in the mirror - the moon in the water, the illusion in the bronze dialogue, the dream of any man willing to fall in love."

"Finally for the love of the tribe, for love - She is still incensed and peppered".

2. Vuong Ngu Yen 

"Slender figure, long hair lightly tied with silver silk. Each line of her face is like a jade statue. When I see her back, I feel like peace is covered, bringing people in. fairy"

Seeing tears on her eyelids, Doan Du thought to herself: "The ancestors have a saying - Le Hoa Nhat Chi Xuan Dai Vu, can be compared with the beauty of a beauty when she cries. But the pear flower is so beautiful, just blooming after the rain, each drop of water on the flower plate is like tears, a bit too painful. Just like the princess - Tien Tra Trieu Lo, that's beautiful."

3. Little Dragon Girl

"She is about sixteen or seventeen years old. Except for the long black hair stream, the whole body is white and snowy, the beauty and beauty are not entangled in the world. Her skin lacks a bit of blood, showing an unusually pale look. Duong Qua raised her head. up, facing her eyes. I feel that this young lady is elegant and elegant, her expression is cold, indifferent. As pure as ice and cold as ice and snow. I don't know if she is happy or angry, sad or happy."

The world often uses the four words "My Nhuoc Thien Tien" to describe the beauty of a woman, but no one knows how beautiful the fairy is until they meet her. 

4. Hoang Dung

Kim Dung once described her beauty as follows: "She wore white pine, quickly walked over. Her eyes were iridescent and clear, extremely alert. She brought a clear smile, three parts innocent and innocent. Although she is still underage, she has never seen anyone as beautiful as that. blur."

Kim always emphasizes that Hoang Dung's skin is more beautiful than snow and looks like white jade. At that time, Hoang Dung pretended to be a beggar, she smeared a lot of black lips on her body, but when Hoang Dung lowered her head, Quach Tinh suddenly saw that the skin on the back of her neck was white.

When Quach Tinh's sincere heart touched Hoang Dung, tears fell on Hoang Dung's cheeks. At this time, Quach Tinh accidentally discovered something strange - pearl white skin revealed under tears.

"On Dao Hoa island, she often dances under the trees, white pine flutters in the wind, her appearance is lithe. Even the fairy in Dong Hai Tien Son in the legend cannot compare with her."

5. Trieu Man

She was born as "Kimchi Jade Diep", the pearl of the Royal Palace, the first beauty of the Yuan Dynasty. In Ỷ Thien Do Long Ky, there are many female characters. But she is the most special, not because of her background. It's in her beauty, the beauty of "Kingdom of the Nation." Among the ten parts of beauty are seven parts full of heroic aura, three parts generous and generous.

6. Nham Doanh Doanh

When looking back at the reflection in the water, half of the lady's face was visible. Her eyes are closed, her eyelashes are very long, although the reflection is not clear, she can still see her unparalleled beauty, only 17,18, XNUMX years old. Le Ho Chong felt strange: "Who is this lady? Why did she suddenly come to save me?" It seemed that she had fainted, Linghu Chong wanted to turn around to help her up, but her body was limp, and her hands had no strength left. He seemed to be in a dream, seeing a beautiful face through a clear stream, as if he were in the fairy world. He thought: "Am I dead? Have I ascended to heaven?"

Dong Phuong Bui Bai: "It's just that I admire you, your beauty is charming, full of youth. If I could be in your position. Don't say you are the leader of the Sun Moon Divine Religion, right now. not even my Emperor."

7. A Kha

There is no record of Tran Vien Vien's daughter in history. A Kha is a character established by Kim Dung in the novel Loc Dinh Ky. He gave her birth - father is Ly Tu Thanh and mother is one of "Tan Hoai Bat Diem" - Tran Vien Vien (Two real characters in history). Her natural beauty was inherited from her excellent mother.

The white jade inlaid with pearls cannot match her face, the rose that has just bloomed is not as beautiful as her. A Kha is as beautiful as a fairy, with a radiant demeanor - touching people's hearts. 

All soldiers and generals think: "Of all his big wives, this one is the most beautiful."

"The skin is as white as snow, smooth as powder. As long as her red lips are slightly open, like the jewel tone of the royal family, her waist is swayed slightly, like the swaying green willow, fluttering in the spring wind. "

*Vi Tieu Bao once felt that A Kha was not as beautiful as her mother. But Tran Vien Vien is not the character Kim Dung created, so he is not on the list.

8. Chu Chi Ruo

"The girl is about 10 years old, her clothes are old and torn, although she is the daughter of a poor ferryman, her face has the potential to become a beautiful beauty."

"The lady of the Emi sect is as beautiful as a heavenly person, this world cannot find a second person".

Tong Thanh Thu: "She spoke these words in a clear and clear voice, her tone was as cold as an ice water hammer, and the wind broke jade. Plus her elegant appearance, she appeared like a fairy. Thousands of heroic heroes. exhausted, no one uttered a word, everyone held their breath and listened."

9. Moc Uyen Thanh

She wears black clothes, often uses a veil, "Thanh Hoa, lily and yang", beautiful people like the name. Her appearance is like the new moon, like the grass covered with white snow. The beauty is extraordinary, it's just that her face is a bit pale, maybe because of the long time she covered her face for too long, her lips are thin - not much blood. Her body carries a fragrance, like the orchid orchid - like the non-radiative musk. The scent is not strong, but faintly distant.

Diep Nhi Nuong - one of the four great villains who was jealous of her beauty: "Those eyes are so beautiful that they want to go out".

10. Huo Thanh Dong

The girl in the fir riding a horse gently ran forward, her beauty full of heroism. Like autumn chrysanthemums covered with dew, each drop is like pearls. Her cheeks are rosy, her eyes are bright and sparkling - white clouds, bright moonlight.

"Tran Gia Lac sat up in amazement, seeing a beautiful woman, on her head she wore Thuy Vu, slender and graceful. She was Hoac Thanh Dong".

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