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Hong Kong Actress

邵美琪 Maggie Thieu My Ky - Lanh Diem beauty

(Reading time: 8 - 15 minutes)

When it comes to the beauties of Hong Kong in the past, everyone has their own candidate in mind. Some people like Ly Nhuoc Dong - her "Tieu Long Nu" fairy tale adventure. Some people like Chu Nhan - Tu Ha, an intelligent and vivacious fairy. People like Ly Gia Han with her beauty that shocked people's hearts. Others like the cuddly, lovely Le Tu. 

I must say that in that era, there were too many beauties with natural beauty appearing. Thieu My Ky's beauty is not too great, but she has an indescribable personality that makes people deeply impressed by this actress.

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文頌嫻 Literary Literature

(Reading time: 5 - 10 minutes)

Speaking of TV series that Van Tung Nhan played, the 80s-90s generation must have seen it. For example, the role of "Duong Bai Phong" in Muc (Moc) Que Anh Dai broke Thien Mon Battle, "Chu Hieu Lien" sister in Four Dai Tai Tu, "Diep Kha Nhan" in Negotiation Expert, and Don Chau in Cam Tu Luong Duyen (Scent of Life).

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陳秀雯 Amy Tran Tu Van - Disabilities

(Reading time: 9 - 17 minutes)

For many people, Tran Tu Van's appearance is not too beautiful, but he can still penetrate the human heart. Her beauty is gentle and gentle, very suitable for the model worthy of being married in the Republic of China. As for short hair, Tran Tu Van has the image of a typical Hong Kong girl with a successful career. 

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Hong Kong Actor

- Truong Trieu Huy

(Reading time: 5 - 9 minutes)

In traditional Chinese medicine, there is a saying: "Junior military officer" (君臣佐使). Thereby, there is a key drug that holds the role of the king (military), a drug that helps - strengthen (god), a medicine that specializes in preventing side effects (adjuvant). And the medicine so that the whole remedy is optimally tolerated (porcelain). Licorice (甘草) is often used as a conduit, to clear the meridians, to harmonize the whole remedy. For this reason, people often call supporting roles that coordinate with the main role, inspiring the entire film circuit as "licorice actors". This time I will talk about an outstanding supporting character in Hong Kong films.

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Hong Kong Story - I am Ha Quoc Vinh

(Reading time: 6 - 12 minutes)

My name is Quoc Vinh. I am from Queensland - Australia. When I was in High School I got very good grades, with this score I can apply to any University in Australia. At that time, I hoped that I could become a doctor, because I could help others. I was accepted into the University of New South Wales and studied Medicine.

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鄧一君 John Dang Nhat Quan

(Reading time: 5 - 10 minutes)

The generation that watched Hong Kong dramas in the past could easily recognize Dang Nhat Quan at a glance. He has been active in the entertainment industry for many years, growing up with us. Currently, Dang Nhat Quan rarely appears in public. But when thinking about the great works he has acted in in the past, people will still remember Dang Nhat Quan.

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