葉 璇 Diep Tuyen - Hoa Dan is talented but has unusual thoughts

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"Shanghai Guan Yu" has long been the bright moonlight in the memories of so many fans. More than 20 years of debut, there is glory and also failure. But Diep Tuyen has written a shining page in her acting career.

葉 璇 Diep Tuyen - Hoa Dan is talented but has unusual thoughts

葉璇 Michelle Ye Xuan was born on February 14, 02 in Hangzhou.

Diep Tuyen's father, Mr. Diep Trieu Duong (葉朝陽) is a Chinese-American Senior Lawyer and Real Estate Entrepreneur, very famous in the overseas Chinese world. Ye Xuan's mother is Xu Lam (許嵐). At the age of 9, his parents completed the divorce proceedings.

葉 璇 Diep Tuyen - Hoa Dan is talented but has unusual thoughts

Diep Tuyen grew up in the care of his grandparents from a young age. Mother gave birth to Diep Tuyen when she was 18 years old and abandoned her without worry, she poured out all her anger on her daughter when Diep Tuyen's father abandoned her mother and daughter, he was in the US working constantly and rarely visited.

Then her father walked away again. Her stepmother is a Chinese-American lawyer named Wang Xuejie (王雪潔).

At the age of 10, Diep Tuyen followed his father to New York, the United States to settle down.

Perhaps Mr. Diep Trieu Duong wanted to make up for his little daughter, so he picked her up with her grandparents to America. But because they were not used to life in the US, 3 years later, they returned to their hometown, leaving Diep Tuyen alone to stay in the US to continue studying.

Her father did not have much time to take care of Diep Tuyen, he told Diep Tuyen that his career was number 1. He sent her to America to get a better education, she had to rely on herself to continue on the path forward. before.

At that time, Diep Tuyen proposed to move out. She rents out alone, she goes to her father's company every month to get money, wash and cook, she can easily handle it.

In addition to the house rent, a week father will give Diep Tuyen $500 for living expenses, if she got the highest score in the test, he will give another $100. However, Diep Tuyen's father never came to her graduation ceremony. He always prioritized work first, Diep Tuyen in the middle of magnificent New York was probably lonely and lost.

Living alone in such a foreign country, she has never complained about her father, but is grateful for the freedom and space he has given her:

"He taught me how to be completely independent. At 13, I could live without depending on anyone.".

Although her life is not as complete as that of her peers, Diep Tuyen's academic achievements are excellent with all A's.  

Diep Tuyen has outstanding talent and is a person who has the will to advance

When she graduated from high school at John Dewey High School, she received admission letters from 3 prestigious universities: Harvard University, Cornell University, New York University and many other prestigious universities. But she chose Wellesley University, which offered a full scholarship to Diep Tuyen. The school only recruits 3 people worldwide each year.

The major she chose was political science, this is the most prestigious school that Hillary Clinton and Tong My Linh ever attended. 

I have to admire Diep Tuyen's energy, in such a harsh environment, she did not give up, but studied hard to prepare for her future.

At the age of 18, with the encouragement of her stepmother, Diep Tuyen participated in the Miss Overseas Chinese contest in New York - the largest Chinese beauty contest in the US and won 2nd runner-up.

葉 璇 Diep Tuyen - Hoa Dan is talented but has unusual thoughts

In 1999, she represented New York State to participate in Miss Overseas Chinese International, her beauty was not outstanding, but her intelligence and confidence helped Diep Tuyen become Miss, and won the "beauty contestant" award. classic"

葉 璇 Diep Tuyen - Hoa Dan is talented but has unusual thoughts

I have always felt that Diep Tuyen is not a particularly beautiful "first beauty" who touches people's hearts, but indeed she exudes a classic beauty in ancient costumes. Feeling very light, comfortable

葉 璇 Diep Tuyen - Hoa Dan is talented but has unusual thoughts

Diep Tuyen's beauty and wisdom are generally envious, I don't know how to describe this beauty. "people's children" that my mother told me when I was little.

Diep Tuyen's academic background and Miss title were noticed by TVB

Diep Tuyen signed a contract with TVB, started to enter the entertainment industry and became a star. The first TV series, Diep Tuyen played the role of Ha Hy in "Street Stories".

葉 璇 Diep Tuyen - Hoa Dan is talented but has unusual thoughts

During those years, every role of Diep Tuyen went deep into people's hearts. Lien Hoa in "Dat Ky Tru Vuong", Manh Le Quan in "Reincarnation Duyen", Le Thang Nam in "Van Hai Ngoc Cung Duyen"... all won the hearts of the audience. As a result, popularity also increased.

葉 璇 Diep Tuyen - Hoa Dan is talented but has unusual thoughts

At that time, the actress was one of the flowers chosen by TVB to focus on promoting. Capturing Diep Tuyen's own personality, TVB assigned her to take on personality roles.

葉 璇 Diep Tuyen - Hoa Dan is talented but has unusual thoughts

Since 2002, Diep Tuyen has been promoted to the main role "alone in a yard". Along with that, she impressed with the main roles in films such as Turning Point in Life, Enormous in the Sky... Although she has not yet reached the same influence and popularity as the previous generation's array of flowers at TVB, but Diep Tuyen is considered a young face that TVB expects to inherit the seniors

葉 璇 Diep Tuyen - Hoa Dan is talented but has unusual thoughts

As one of the highly educated female artists and TVB's best friend, Diep Tuyen made a shocking decision to leave the station.

On July 01, 07, the contract between Diep Tuyen and TVB expired. She did not renew but left TVB, when many beauties did not have the courage to leave this safe roof, Diep Tuyen left, with the desire to develop a career on the big screen. She developed in parallel in both film and television fields. With determination, hard work and luck, the beauty's reputation spread widely to mainland China.

I still remember very clearly Shen Tu Than in the Love Trap. Her acting is really explosive, making me remember forever.

In 2010, Diep Tuyen won the "Best Supporting Actress" award at the 29th Golden Statue Film Festival for her role in the movie 意外 (Accident)

葉 璇 Diep Tuyen - Hoa Dan is talented but has unusual thoughts

In 2011, Diep Tuyen opened her own production company called Diep Tuyen Studio

In December 12, Diep Tuyen invested 2011 million yuan to buy shares of Cuong Thi Media (Cuong Thi Quang Dong Media and Film Co., Ltd), holding 10 million shares and became the company's director. 

In September 9, she officially became a visiting professor in the Performance Department of Zhejiang Vocational College of Film and Television.

葉 璇 Diep Tuyen - Hoa Dan is talented but has unusual thoughts

In the same year, Diep Tuyen enrolled for an MBA at Cheung Kong Graduate School, two years later, the apartment she invested in was completed. Along with the real estate and many stocks she owns, her total net worth is known to have exceeded HK$1,1 billion

On January 14, 1, Ye Xuan received an interview from RTHK and announced that she will re-start acting in dramas and will develop in Hong Kong and Mainland China in the future. 

葉 璇 Diep Tuyen - Hoa Dan is talented but has unusual thoughts

In early May 5, Ye Xuan joined Taobao Live, successfully selling goods with sales of more than 2020 million yuan per month, becoming the queen of the performing arts industry in the mainland.

Diep Tuyen is a straight and real star in the entertainment industry.

As a result, she suffers from many people saying her EQ is low, but this may be related to her childhood experience.

Because of the lack of parental love in shaping character. Therefore, the thoughts of adults in problem families will always be more or less different from those of children living in the love of a complete family.

葉 璇 Diep Tuyen - Hoa Dan is talented but has unusual thoughts

The lack of family affection makes Diep Tuyen always want a love that belongs to her, which leads to many troubles in her emotional choice. In which the love affair with Tieu Mo was opposed by fans, saying that she was "brained" because of her love, being taken advantage of by her boyfriend... When she spent hundreds of millions of yuan giving gifts to her lover.

葉 璇 Diep Tuyen - Hoa Dan is talented but has unusual thoughts

Perhaps her father provided good material support in her childhood, but did not give her a good spiritual support.

When searching for Diep Tuyen's name, there will be a series of articles accusing her of: "Letting a dog bite a colleague. Needs more than 20 stitches"; "Maid asking for salary", "Forbidden to leave the country because of insulting the enemy"... However, Diep Tuyen did not pay much attention and continued to live happily as usual.

葉 璇 Diep Tuyen - Hoa Dan is talented but has unusual thoughts

After ending a 4-year love affair with her boyfriend Tieu Mo, in 2019, Diep Tuyen is still single.

葉 璇 Diep Tuyen - Hoa Dan is talented but has unusual thoughts

She quickly got in the mood and worked as a spokesperson for various companies and businesses in Mainland China, performing and doing magazine covers. 

Honestly, from an educated student with a high IQ to a real Tieu Hoa Dan of TVB, Diep Tuyen's life was quite smooth. I loved watching her dramas back then, and I never thought that she would get as much gossip as she does today. Starting 14 years ago, Diep Tuyen has become the "queen of the market", especially after 2015. 

Maybe I can only use one sentence "someone is normal when it comes to love" to explain all of this, for her actions.

Diep Tuyen's message to Tieu Mo when she was young: "最心爱的鸡鸡很大的宝宝" destroyed her image in the hearts of fans. She quickly deleted the photo from Weibo, but it was too late.

Looking back now, I still remember her the most when she was on TVB, when she was at the peak of her career and appearance. 

Perhaps the strong, personality and resilience that was formed at a young age is quite similar to the character Manh Le Quan, which has helped Diep Tuyen exist in the entertainment industry in a very unique way. No need to please anyone, not completely dependent on any one character, one station.葉 璇 Diep Tuyen - Hoa Dan is talented but has unusual thoughts

I also hope in the future, Diep Tuyen can find true love. Can make up for her past losses.

In an interview, when asked what she thinks about the false rumors outside, Diep Tuyen is still very comfortable:

"One of the essential qualities of an actor is to endure gossip.

The more you are rewarded, the more slander you will suffer.

Rumors are rumors, it will pass eventually. As an actor, in the end, you still have to devote yourself to the career of producing works for the audience. No need to be sad, lose sleep because of the gossip of the outside world. "

After knowing what she wanted and seeing how the road ahead needed to go, Diep Tuyen said: "I'm living what I want."

葉 璇 Diep Tuyen - Hoa Dan is talented but has unusual thoughts

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