Truong Quoc Vinh - Tran Bach Cuong: Friends in this life, continue in the next life

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Time Machine 1993 - The article is narrated by Tra Tieu Han from City Weekly.

It has been 10 months since Tran Bach Cuong (Danny) was admitted to Queen Mary Hospital in a coma, Danny's friends have all visited him. Only Truong Quoc Vinh (Leslie) - His best friend has not yet arrived. The outside world began to rumor that the speculations they had contradicted were true.

Meet Cheung Kwok Wing again - he said: "I went to Vancouver for the Lunar New Year and just came back to Hong Kong yesterday". Leslie visited Danny on the condition that Tra Xiaoxin* (查小欣) do not notify reporters and do not take pictures.

That day the weather started to turn cold, the sky was especially cloudy. Leslie visits Danny

Truong Quoc Vinh - Tran Bach Cuong: Friends in this life, continue in the next life

They talked about Danny's current situation on the way, Tra Tieu Han pointed to the bouquet of flowers in her hand and said: "I know you won't mind buying flowers, so I bought it for you." Leslie accepted the bouquet flowers from Tra Tieu Han's hand and thanks. But then, she discovered that her judgment was wrong.

Truong Quoc Vinh - Tran Bach Cuong: Friends in this life, continue in the next life

(Photo taken At around 12 noon on May 19, 05, Danny was taken to the radiology room for examination, then returned to the intensive care unit. When he was ejected, the hospital bed was full. enough medical equipment)

The elevator went up each floor, both of them were silent.

Tran Bach Cuong's male nurse holding a bouquet of flowers in his hand said to Truong Quoc Vinh, "Thank you, Mr. Truong, the flowers you sent are very beautiful." It turned out that Leslie had sent flowers before. Leslie is truly exquisite

Leslie stared at Danny, then brought her face closer to Danny. At this time, Tra Tieu Han said into her ear: "Danny, Leslie came to visit you."

But Danny Has No Response

Truong Quoc Vinh - Tran Bach Cuong: Friends in this life, continue in the next life

Without a sound, Leslie looked at him for a long moment, then looked at the nearby device that kept Danny alive. Special male nurse says: "We replaced the machine with a new one, same efficiency but smaller volume"

Leslie asked the nurse: "Is he aware of anything?" Recovery nurse: "Very difficult to say".

Leslie turned her head and said to Tra Tieu Han: "I'll call Danny, see if Danny reacts?"

He called into Danny's ear: "Danny, Danny, Danny, it's Leslie." Danny's heart rate display is still 94, neither increasing nor decreasing.

Previously, Truong Quoc Vinh asked Tra Tieu Han: "It's been reported that the hands and feet of the comatose will contract, does Danny have it?"

Tra Tieu Han picked up Danny's hand and pointed to Leslie: "His limbs are still slim and his skin is still smooth, no shrinkage". But Leslie said: "Danny has grown fat. After he wakes up, he will want to lose weight right away."

Leslie tried to make the atmosphere less gloomy, he was very concerned about Danny's weight and asked the nurse: "So is he fat?"

“No, all the food he eats is calculated by a dietitian to control his weight and not get too fat.”

Silently Looking At Danny For A Long Time, Leslie Said To Tra Tieu Han: "Let's Go"

Farewell to Danny, walking to the elevator lobby, Leslie didn't make a sound, but his fingers rubbed together with a sense of uneasiness. Sad he said: "Looking at him in that state, I'm heartbroken" After a while, repeat again: "It hurts, why does he treat himself like this? If he doesn't love me, who will?"

"He's not happy. I confided with him that my advice was useless anyway."

Not Visiting Danny For A Reason

Truong Quoc Vinh - Tran Bach Cuong: Friends in this life, continue in the next life

He looked up at the overcast sky outside, raised his head and said: "The sun comes out soon, this color is so sad". This is a play on words.

Looking from the side, Tra Tieu Han saw Leslie's red eyes under the sunglasses and asked him: "Do you want to cry?" He shook his head. "In the past few years, I've seen so many births and deaths. I just feel so heartbroken."

"How long have you known Danny?"

“15 years, when we were in the same movie. Danny is the main actor in Encore (喝采)”

Truong Quoc Vinh - Tran Bach Cuong: Friends in this life, continue in the next life

At that time, Truong Quoc Vinh, Tran Bach Cuong and Chung Bao La (Paul) were three handsome boys with a manager 譚國基 (Dam Quoc Co). Paul is dead, Danny is in a coma.

Fifteen years later, Leslie alone is enjoying life. It's unusual...

Finally Tra Tieu Han asked: "Why don't you visit Danny right away". He replied: "Last year was Nham Than, I was Pham Thai Tue, couldn't go to the hospital. Now it's the new year, I'll come immediately."

Leslie received bad news while filming "Farewell Concubine" in Beijing. When he heard the news that he and Danny were at odds, he was a little angry: "Life is so scary, why are you always guessing about others?"

Truong Quoc Vinh - Tran Bach Cuong: Friends in this life, continue in the next life

Before leaving, Leslie asked Tra Tieu Han: "How much is the flower, I will send it back to you". Tra Tieu Han felt very embarrassed to accept it, so she refused. But Leslie still insisted on asking her out for afternoon tea, as compensation for the money she had bought for that bouquet...

Danny, Leslie, Roman (La Van) and Paul used to belong to the same manager, KK Dam Quoc Co. All four of them went in their prime. First, Paul committed suicide by jumping off the building due to financial problems. Danny died of depression, he took sleeping pills mixed with alcohol and fell into a deep coma. Roman died of liver cancer. In the end, Leslie also succumbed to depression and jumped from the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Hong Kong. Is this really a bit evil?!

Truong Quoc Vinh - Tran Bach Cuong: Friends in this life, continue in the next life

*Tra Tieu Han is a veteran journalist in Hong Kong, almost all the celebrities in the entertainment industry will be interviewed by her and will publish exclusive news in her programs and columns. Tra Tieu Han.

Article copyright belongs to TVB - A Time to Remember, Be Ready Education Australia. Cannot be copied without approval.

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