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Lu Ky - Legend of Shaw Brothers living in seclusion

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Referring to Lu Ky, perhaps this generation will be unfamiliar with this name. But if it comes to the character Ly Ky played by La Gia Luong in Brotherhood of Song Hanh, people will recognize it. That's right, La Gia Luong simulated the real character Lu Ky - Legend of Thieu Thi Brothers

Lu Ky - Legend of Shaw Brothers living in seclusion

呂奇 Lui Kei - Lu Ky was born on March 03, 03 in Taishan, Guangdong. His real name is 汤觉民 Thang Giac Dan. He came to Hong Kong with his family in 1942.

In Hong Kong, he attended 培中 (Boi Trung) High School. After graduating, he continued his studies at St. Paul's College.

In 1958, Lu Qi was accepted into the Zhonglian (中聯) actor training class.

In July 7, Lu Ky joined Shaw Brothers (Thieu Thi Brothers).

He took the stage name Lu Ky because his idol at that time was actor (Fu Ky).

In 1960, he debuted in the movie "九命奇冤" - Jiu Menh Ky Waan, the same year he continued to participate in "睡公主" - Sleeping Princess.

Lu Ky - Legend of Shaw Brothers living in seclusion

In 1965, with the work "公子多情" - Cong Tu Da Tinh created a fever, he was given the nickname "Tieu Sinh Da Tinh". Together with actress 陳寶珠 (Tran Bao Chau) became a couple "Kim Dong Ngoc Nu".

Since then, he has become a Guardian Character for the Cantonese Feature Film Market.

When the contract between him and Thieu Thi ended, he established his own film company. He wrote the script himself, worked as a director, and made many contributions to Hong Kong cinema.

Lu Ky - Legend of Shaw Brothers living in seclusion

The movie 情人的眼淚 - Lover's Tears - this is the first film he wrote the script. Achieving great success, he continued to work as a screenwriter for the satirical comedy 通天曉 - Tong Thien Hieu.

With the movie 莫忘今宵 - he set a black and white film revenue record. Lu Ky and Tran Bao Chau became the most popular silver screen couple.

Lu Ky - Legend of Shaw Brothers living in seclusion

He and Tran Bao Chau have collaborated on more than 20 films. Leaving behind countless classics, becoming the memory of a generation.

Lu Ky - Legend of Shaw Brothers living in seclusion

The couple often cooperates, which causes the two to develop a romantic relationship. However, Tran Bao Chau broke off the relationship and avoided Lu Ky, because Lu Ky was married at that time (married in 1960), Tran Bao Chau did not want to be the third person to destroy other people's families.

Lu Ky - Legend of Shaw Brothers living in seclusion

Tran Bao Chau then also withdrew from the entertainment industry. No contact or never see Lu Ky again until today. 

In 1974, Lu Ky First Director for Softcore Movies

He formed a production team 金禾 (Kim Hoa) to sign a contract with Thieu Thi - continuing the old relationship, producing classic high school movies such as 丹麥嬌娃 - Danish Kieu Wa, 財子 · 名花· 星媽 - Tai Tu - Danh Hoa - Tinh Ma, 夠格女郎, 怨婦 · 狂娃 · 瘋殺手,...All of his works brought in huge box office revenue.

In 1977, Hong Kong loosened censorship for the unimaginable success of "Tai Tu - Danh Hoa - Tinh Ma"

Lu Ky - Legend of Shaw Brothers living in seclusion

This is the first time in the history of Hong Kong cinema that naked scenes have appeared, marking a new milestone in Hong Kong's high school film industry.

Although it is a 3rd grade movie, the content in the movie shows the real problems of society.

Typically, "Tai Tu - Danh Hoa - Tinh Ma" reflects the frustrations of the entertainment industry and the upper class, capturing the scene of some small stars who unconsciously rely on their lives because of oppression. sell the body to the rich. In order to have more income, or mothers of stars look down on their children and the future of their daughters, forcing their daughters to sell their bodies to the rich, and some directors in exchange for roles, popularity and rich.

Lu Ky Quit The Film Industry In 1987

"命带桃花" Menh Dai Dao Hoa is his last work. He moved to Taiwan to live with his second wife - 凌黛 Lang Dai. Both got married in 2, after he divorced his first wife in 1987. Lu Ky and Lang Dai gave birth to 1973 sons and live happily until today.

Lu Ky - Legend of Shaw Brothers living in seclusion

Lu Ky rarely appears, he deals in securities, invests in real estate and leases out. His family lived very well.

Even when fans recognized him and asked for a photo, he denied that he was Lu Ky, hoping to live a normal life like everyone else.

汪曼玲 - Uong Man Linh, a senior communications officer, shared a photo taken with Lu Ky in 2019, Lu Ky confided to her that "公子多情" - Gongzi Da Tinh made him famous. . He was very grateful to Mr. Thieu Dat Phu for his great support in the past.

Lu Ky - Legend of Shaw Brothers living in seclusion

We can see Lu Ky, because of Uong Man Linh - she went to Taiwan to visit relatives and friends. Offered to meet Lu Ky and he agreed.

Lu Ky - Legend of Shaw Brothers living in seclusion

The photo was taken in 2019, Lu Ky was 77 years old at the time. Through the photo, fans can see that his spirit is very good, and his body is still very healthy.

During a film career spanning 27 years, he made nearly 100 films. Holds a firm position in the hearts of the old generation. Representing Cantonese-language films, Hong Kong. Later, the movie 难兄难弟 - Brotherhood of Song Hanh - took Lu Ky as a model for the character Ly Ky played by La Gia Luong. Enough to see how great the influence of Lu Ky was in the past.

Lu Ky - Legend of Shaw Brothers living in seclusion

Currently, Lu Ky is still living well in Taiwan, his body is still healthy, many movie fans are satisfied. Wishing you good health always!

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